Mr. Crawford’s employment and labor practice includes the following issues and areas:

  • Equal employment and discrimination issues
  • Wage and hour (overtime issues, independent contractor versus employee status, etc.)
  • Collective bargaining and other labor issues
  • Retaliation
  • Harassment
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Employment agreements
  • Unfair business competition and non-compete covenants
  • National Labor Relations Board proceedings
  • Proceedings before other federal and state regulatory agencies
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Litigation of all types of employment disputes in federal and state courts
  • Wrongful Termination


He represents employers and employees in federal and state courts and before various federal and state agencies that administer many of the employment laws. This includes representation during the investigatory phase of discrimination, retaliation, and harassment complaints, including those based on race, sex, age, national origin, and religion. He also counsels employers in preparing employment policies and manuals that comply with employment laws.


He also represents management in dealing with union organizing and all types of issues arising with incumbent unions. This includes all matters falling under the scope of the National Labor Relations Act, the Railway Labor Act, and the Davis-Bacon Act. He also provides training for supervisors regarding compliance with employment and labor laws. In addition, he counsels non-unionized employers in maintaining open shop work environment